Beelogix sponsors the Sutton Ski Club

Beelogix sponsors the Sutton Ski Club

Article by Annie Dubreuil, Business Development Director at Beelogix.

Beelogix is ​​proud to partner with the Sutton Ski Club and contribute to the well-being of tomorrow’s generation.  The mission of the Sutton Ski Club is to inspire athletes to strive for excellence, to demonstrate the importance of setting goals, to achieve them as a team or individually and to achieve their full potential through skiing and competition and both in defeat and in victory.


The values ​​of the Club:”RIDERS” in honor of the riders of the snow rushing bumps, powder, ice until reaching their final destination.

  • Sutton_TableRespect: Fact to consider. Respect for oneself, teammates, coaches, other athletes, the forces of nature, its limits, its dreams.
  • Integrity: At all times remain fair and equitable to yourself and others.
  • Determination: Act with conviction, firmness and all willpower. To be in symbiosis with his intention.
  • Effort: Use all its strength, skill or intelligence to achieve a goal, to overcome resistance. Apply. To concentrate. Give the best of yourself at all times.
  • Responsibility: Attend training and racing at the designated time and place. Accept to be responsible for his actions, his attitude. Be proud to have the honor of representing the Sutton Ski Club on all the busy mountains.
  • Overcoming yourself: Always do your best. See and be proud of its progress. Coping with fears.


Beelogix is ​​committed to developing young athletes and supporting Club values ​​such as those maintained within the Sutton Ski Club. That is why, once again this year, we continue to encourage young people to pursue their goals and develop these important values.