Beelogix on African Road – 4L trophy

Beelogix on African Road – 4L trophy

Article by Jean-Mathieu Baillette, Managing Partner at Beelogix.

4L Trophy logo

Romain Cailleau, consultant senior Supply chain at Beelogix is currently on the African road for the rally called “4L Trophy” with its team “Les allumés”.

The rally’s objective is to drive across the Moroccan desert to provide children with school and sports supplies. Thousands Renault 4L cars will deliver close to 60 tons of equipment in Morocco after driving 6000 km from departure site in Biarritz (south of France).

Beelogix Car

Humanitarian dimensionEnfants du Désert

The objective of the event is schooling Moroccan children living in this particularly poor region of
Morocco, that is why each team aims at delivering around 50 kg of school and sports equipment. Fundraising is also part of the project in order to build schools: 2 schools have been built in 2016 with the amount raised!

After 20 years, a strong relationship has been developed between the “4L Trophy” and different organisations such as The Red Cross and “Enfant du désert” (children in the desert) who know the local needs to be provided.


Sport aspect

Every day, the aim is to cross the finish line using the road book (refer to picture on the left), a map of Morocco and a compass. The ranking is based on the teams’ ability to drive in the desert and to reach the checkpoints as required. One rule: Do as less kilometers as possible to reach the checkpoints and the finish line (no speed notion). Desert implies a lot of challenges especially with the Renault 4L cars: An old and popular car of the 70s-80s known for his easy maintenance.

We are really pleased that Beelogix supports the team in this adventure. The car has been prepared for the tough desert and is packed full of schools supplies and spare parts for the maintenance of the car during the travel! GO “Les allumés”GO!!