Introducing IBPlogix by Beelogix

Introducing IBPlogix by Beelogix

Article by Laura Linghan Zhu, SAP SCM Consultant & Jens Schmeer, SCM Solution Architect at Beelogix


Markets have been undergoing tremendous revolutions over the recent years with the onset of big data, IoT and other evolutionary technology breakthroughs.  The core element that drives these trends are eventually coming down to the increasingly complicated business requirements.

Today, customers expect a full-service package where faster response, more complicated customization and higher inter-connectivity are required.  On top of this, businesses are also facing bigger challenges from volatile demand to complicated supply chain management.

To tackle the challenges, we have created our in-house platform based on the SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) software suite to offer you a state-of-the-art solution.


What is IBPlogix?

With our vast industry knowledge and IBP implementation experience, we at Beelogix have created IBPlogix – our turn-key, low cost, accelerated Business Planning solution, allowing you to unlock the strengths within your supply chain.


What do you get with IBPlogix?

IBPlogix encompasses SAP best practices planning, seamless data integration and optional advanced planning features (refer below for more details). It is built on SAP’s IBP platform (license included) and delivered rapidly through our own implementation methodology.



The IBPlogix Advantage!

  • Is Supply Chain complexity hindering the growth you want to accomplish?
  • Can you accurately determine the impact of your decisions on your Supply Chain?
  • Do you NEED better risk assessment capabilities to create synergies between your growth plan and your Supply Chain?
  • Do you NEED to lift the veil of opaqueness that surrounds your Supply Chain process?
  • Can you get the information you NEED from your supply Chain to support your growth?

If those questions are challenges you are facing today, then IBPlogix can help you to overcome them!


IBPlogix – Fixed Price, Fixed Duration – No Risk


With an accelerated deployment timeline and scope, IBPlogix reflects the summation of our implementation experiences. The solution will get you started on your digital transformation journey, still leaving all possibilities open to provide you with the maximum value at the lowest possible risk out of your investment!


  • Update-enabled

Built on SAP IBP, which releases quarterly updates, IBPlogix always lets you take advantage of the improvements and new features that SAP is rolling out.

  • Customization

Starting with a defined package helps, but if your needs require further customization, IBPlogix’s functionalities can always be easily expanded with further advanced planning features or even customizations.

  • Sustainability

While IBPlogix gets you started, talk to us about further support beyond the project. We at Beelogix can work with you to provide or develop a custom support plan just right for you.

  • All-Rounded Service

We provide not only the solution and implementation services, but also the SAP IBP license for a hassle-free process


Who is IBPlogix for?

IBPlogix comes with added benefits such as fixed cost, defined scope and quick implementation. These benefits make the solution particularly suited for small or mid-sized businesses in the consumer goods industry and also serve as a great starting point for larger enterprises.


IBPlogix Feature Add-ons

Creating a stable and reliable solution for our customers was an essential cornerstone from the first second we started to shape IBPlogix. As such, we started out with the proven SAP Best Practices Model and then worked on it to hone it as much as possible for a complete, packaged solution.

We also include the automated data integration, which together with the Best Practices, built the foundation and core of IBPlogix. Minimal involvement from your teams is required, aiming to deliver data integration as a turn-key solution!

Built on top is the heart if the IBPlogix offering, our Feature Add-on’s.


IBPlogix – Advanced Planning Feature

Point of Sale

Modelling Point of Sale (POS) is especially crucial in the CPG industry because it is important to understand where promotions apply and what the traffic is at the stores. By considering those, you then have the right inventory in the right places.

While the core S&OP model does not include the POS, Beelogix has packaged a solution that allows you to integrate consumer signals into your planning process.



IBPlogix – Advanced Planning Feature

Promotion Planning

For consumer-centric companies, it is critical that information of upcoming promotions become part of your planning process. It is only through the visibility of planned events, that you can prepare sufficiently for the additional demands or uplifts of your supply chain.


Beelogix’s add-on for Promotion Planning will expand the core model to allow you to understand the performance of past promotions, create or adjust existing promotions, evaluate the impact on your supply chain and estimate the profitability of planned promotions.


IBPlogix’s simplified interface to create a promotion at the easiest way you can imagine


IBPlogix – Advanced Planning Feature

DDMRP based Target Stock

With increasingly volatile markets, which makes predictions very difficult, having the right products available at the right place and time becomes more crucial than ever before. The IBPlogix Feature Add-on for DDMRP based Target Stock offers you full integration of the DDMRP concept into your S&OP process. This will enable you to base the plan on better, more realistic inventory targets to achieve your service levels.



IBPlogix – Advanced Planning Feature

Push Production

The Push Production add-on of IBPlogix allows you to maximize your Production Capacities and helps you to minimize lost business. It manages demand peaks or upcoming maintenance shut-downs, such that available capacities can be used to pre-produce products for potential supply chain bottlenecks.


Without Push Production: Unused Capacities at a work center


With Push Production: Unused Capacities have been redistributed while respecting the existing product mix


IBPlogix – Advanced Planning Feature

Constrained Forecast Release

The Constrained Forecast Release add-on of IBPlogix automatically integrates the result of your S&OP planning process with daily operations in the SAP system. This will help to eliminate the complexity of a manual integration.



What’s next?

Are you interested?

Then reach out to us to learn more … we are looking forward to answering your questions on IBPlogix!