About SAP – Production Planning & VC

For over 40 years, SAP has been providing robust and integrated management solutions that are valued by thousands of customers worldwide. SAP ERP, and soon S/4 on HANA, is the latest version of this software.

It allows companies to leverage best business practices using a solution that enables data from all departments, from the sales division to the profit-analysis office, to be integrated.

Moreover, ERP is an excellent base from which to take advantage of other advanced solutions offered by SAP, i.e. SAP IBP & SAP APO.

The expertise of Beelogix consultants also extends to processes related to manufacturing in SAP ERP

Production Planning has features for material requirements planning, capacity and scheduling orders. This module provides detailed tracking of the manufacturing stages and costs in three different productions modes: Repetitive Manufacturing (PP-REM), “discrete” (production orders, PP-SFC) and “process” (PP PI).


Variant Configuration enables the manufacturing, storage and sale of complex products while giving the customer the ability to choose their own options and components. Thanks to its features that use the SAP ERP classification system, SAP VC can reduce the amount of master data to be retained to represent a product’s possible configurations.

Value-added of SAP ERP Production Planning (PP)

Production plans

Improve production plans in order to reduce errors, waste and delays

Material requirements management

Improvethe material requirements management process to improve inventory management and procurement

Structured model

Use a structured data model that has proven itself while limiting the data quantity and retention time

Real-time monitoring

Monitor confirmations and consumption in real time to obtain accurate reports on losses and manufacturing costs

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