About SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning)

The SAP IBP software suite provides supply chain managers with a state-of-the-art platform for carrying out customer-demand planning and aligning network constraints with profitability goals.

The IBP solution is made up of the following applications:


With the Supply Chain Control Tower, you will have an overview of the supply chain via dashboards and custom alerts that enable you to respond more effectively to the various situations that could arise.


IBP for Sales and Operations is a collaborative, decision-making tool that aligns sales goals with the budget and operational capacity in order to establish an achievable consensus plan for the medium or long term.


IBP for Supply, together with IBP for S&OP, helps make complex supply decisions for multilevel networks. The tool helps maximize profits based on a variety of cost factors while taking network constraints into consideration.


We know how difficult it is to carry out sales and supply forecasting with any certainty; IBP for Inventory takes this into account to optimize inventory levels across the entire network and to meet, or even exceed, quality expectations for services offered to customers.


IBP for Demand provides advanced functions for demand forecasting, both for medium- and long-term planning as well as for short-term adjustments.

The added values of using SAP IBP in your business are as follows:


HANA Performance

Take advantage of HANA performance and cloud computing



Instantly simulate and compare scenarios

A unified model

Integrate data from various sources into a unified model

Large volume of data

Analyze a large volume of data at the desired level of granularity


Match people with processes through to collaboration capabilities

Familiar Environment

Work in a Web-based or Excel-based environment that is familiar to you

IBP for S&OP

Integrated Business Planning for Sales and Operations

About SAP IBP for S&OP

It can be used by anyone involved in the planning process so that they can access real-time data, carry out forecasting, compare different scenarios and assess the impact that they could have on the supply chain.

This tool can also be used as a way to streamline and track the progress of the S&OP process using to task assignment and collaboration functions.

There are two additional interfaces available for users:

Web interface

The web interface can be used to configure the model and the visualize data as well as the progression of tasks using dashboards that are updated in real time

Excel interface

The Excel interface makes it easy to handle planning data in an environment controlled by all

Hana Cloud Integration

SAP IBP for S&OP is part of the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) suite, which incorporates various supply chain management tools. This suite works using HANA, a memory database developed by SAP. HANA can be deployed on a website or in a cloud and in particular it allows data to be analyzed in real time.

IBP integrates HANA Cloud Integration for Data Services (HCI-DS) which is a data integration tool based on an intuitive Web interface. It allows multiple systems or databases to be connected, in particular with other SAP solutions.

The main features covered by SAP IBP are:

Sales and inventory history

Integration of sales and inventory history
Statistics Forecasting

Global Supply Chain

Global supply chain modeling: customers, distribution centers, factories, subcontractors, suppliers

Consideration of variables

Consideration of supply times, inventory levels, capacity, costs, BOM

Export to ERP

Establishment of a consensus plan that can be exported to ERP

The added values of SAP IBP for S&OP:

Unified tool

Integration of data from various sources into a unified tool

Strength of real-time analysis

Real-time analysis

Simplified management

Simple management of granularity and dimensions


Simulations and scenarios

Precise structure

S&OP process structuring

And much more!

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The added values of logo-small-beelogix

Leading expertise

Our team has advanced expertise with a proven track record for implementing the SAP IBP for S&OP solution. Our consultants have perfectly mastered the processes and the best business practices that prevail in the world of planning.

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