About EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)

Designed by SAP as a best-of-breed solution, SAP EWM has advanced features meeting the required flexibility, velocity and productivity of today’s warehouses.


SAP EWM functional scope


receiving & shipping

Simple and complex receiving
(unloading, consolidation, backflush, quality control, value-added services, putaway)

Simple and complex shipping
(Picking, packing, kitting, staging, loading)


Waves and replenishment

Effective wave management


Inventory counts

Cross docking

Complete yard management


Voice & automation controllers/PLC

Simple integration with automation controllers/PLC
(conveyor management, automated cranes, etc.)

Resource management
(RF, RFID, voice recognition).

SAP EWM can also be provided with optimization tools
enabling operations to be precisely planned


Putway and picking strategy

Automatic determination of ideal placement and picking strategies

Inventory optimization

Real-time monitoring
Slotting and stock rearrangement

Engineered Labor standard

Simulation and operations planning according to defined labor standards.

Precise mapping

Warehouse mapping
X, Y, Z coordinates

Performance Indicators

Tool for monitoring all logistics operations and performance indicators


Mobile applications

Applications available for smart phones and tablets

SAP EWM system architectures

As an add-on on SAP ERP

On a dedicated SAP SCM platform

Fully integrated with the SAP Supply Chain Execution (SCE) platform (with SAP TM, EM and YL)

The value-added of logo-small-beelogix

Customized approach

Beelogix experts are able to take advantage of SAP EWM’s full functionality in order to meet your industry needs by adopting a tailor-made approach that targets quality at the same time as being results-oriented.

IT and business skills

Beelogix experts are professionals with great IT skills; they understand warehouses processes and challenges. This enables them to optimize operational efficiency and to adequately respond to current and future needs.

Warehouse Management (WM)

Warehouse management on SAP ERP

About WM (Warehouse Management)

Included in the SAP ERP system, the SAP WM module provides a physical inventory management at the warehouse, by store type and up to storage location, which is significantly more accurate than what SAP MM has to offer.

SAP WM can plan and manage complex flows within the warehouse, while ensuring accurate inventory tracking and follow-up activities. SAP WM contains screens that are adapted to RF devices (SAP LE-MOB).

The main flows covered are:

Inbound processes

Goods receipt and Putaway

Production supply

Staging of production components (integrated with SAP PP)


Pick or Pick&Pack of items to be shipped

Inventory counts

Inventory counts and any other physical movement of items

Stock movements

Track all internal physical flows

Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking by pallet or other container number

Featuring additional tools

SAP WM also provides extensions for managing transshipment flows (cross docking with SAP LE-DCK), value-added operations (labeling, re-packing, marking, etc. with SAP LE-VAS), Task and resources management and optimization (TRM) yard and door management (with SAP LE-YM).

The added values of SAP WM

• Improved inventory accuracy
• Improved activity monitoring
• Improved quality of service

The value-added of logo-small-beelogix

Leading expertise

Recognized and proven leading expertise in deploying SAP WM solutions

SAP WM deployment cycles

Experts who have completed multiple cycles of SAP WM solution deployment

Knowledge of SCM solutions

Experts with a vast knowledge of both IT and SCM solutions

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