Warehouse Productivity through Mobile technology

Heavy Equipment company

Engineering & Construction
2100 employees
Warehouse Management with RF

Project Story by Alexis RivièreMarc Paré and Jean-Mathieu Baillette, Consultants at Beelogix

“SAP is an extremely powerful tool, but it has a very big appetite. The more detailed the data we feed into the system, the more powerful the system becomes – from automating our processes to providing ever more valuable insights. By adding RF guns to our warehouses, we are able to more accurately capture parts location statuses and pick and putaway events, and all in a much more intuitive and efficient way. Beelogix was able to bring us top-notch expertise, when we needed it, and on very short notice. Their commitment to the project and to our success was demonstrated every step of the way, right through to implementation.”

VP of IT & CIO

Quick Facts


The Requirements/Challenges/Issues

On a constant journey to increase their customer service level, the company wanted to leverage the Radio Frequency technology in their Distribution Centers and Branches to increase accuracy and efficiency in warehouse operations.

Specifically, by improving accuracy in putaway and picking, customer parts orders are fulfilled more accurately and quickly, directly impacting customer satisfaction levels.

Secondly, the company needed to streamline processes around picking, packing and putaway to improve employee productivity and reduce picking lead-times.

The RF gun implementation project was for them an opportunity to align their warehouse operations with industry best practices and improve parts traceability for future initiatives.

The Solution

The implemented solution was built upon the WM-RF framework and supported by ITS mobile.
ITS mobile is a SAP technology allowing us to connect mobile devices to an SAP system in order to run applications based on the widely used Dynpro programming model.

Using the out-of-the box WM-RF transactions as the backbone of the solution, the project team delivered enhanced screens to support extra features such as:

  • Consolidated picking
  • Pick & Pass
  • Integration with existing conveyor systems
  • Label printing on mobile printers

Moreover, to get the most of the SAP standard features (putaway, picking, cycle counting, …) the existing WM solution was redesigned to better align with SAP best practices and to enable the use of RF at its full potential.

The project

The project kicked off in spring 2015 with Beelogix as the SAP supply chain partner and went successfully live 4 months later, on-time and on-budget.
Beelogix consultants and a small in-house team worked hand in hand to ensure a smooth implementation.  The project came at a very important time for the company where limited IT resources were available – Beelogix jumped in and were very proactive as the integration partner.
The design phase was delivered very quickly and supported by the realization of a “Proof-of-Concept” enabling a technically realistic design and a practical, real-world solution understood by all the project’s stakeholders (from IT managers to warehouse supervisors).
Beelogix not only handled the design, configuration, testing and support based on the requirements but also provided extensive knowledge transfer and project guidance throughout the whole project.

The results

Now that the Core-model design has been successfully implemented in the main distribution center in their head office, the roll out of the solution will start in the other distribution centers and branches. This will contribute significantly to the company’s aim to improve overall customer satisfaction.

In addition to the customer service improvement, the placement performance improved from 92% to 97%, discrepancies captured during picking operations decreased by 50%, and approximately 50,000 inventory counts were eliminated per year through the “zero-bin check” function which eliminated the manual bin count and increased the accuracy of the stocks.

Finally, a 5 % gain was estimated in productivity thanks to:

  • Stock accuracy reducing the need for investigation and time wasted during picking
  • Wave picking concept
  • Automatic TO confirmation at putaway

Beelogix is a team of seasoned and passionate consultants with a deep and broad expertise in business processes and solutions in the area of supply chain.  Their consultants can turn their customer’s vision into tangible results.  They are very good at establishing a relationship of trust with their clients.  On the RF roll out, Beelogix continues to improve on competencies and service quality delivery.