About Event Management (EM)

Due to the complexity of supply chains and goods flow massification, a new way of monitoring logistical execution was required. This is based on real-time management by exception.

SAP Event Management includes:

Risks and regulations

Risk management and regulation compliance


Ability to take exceptions into consideration

Different Stakeholders

Process transversality and proliferation of internal and external stakeholders


Automation in order to reduce operational costs

Customer Service Quality

Service quality and customer satisfaction

Managing complexity

What tools will best manage your supply chain?

SAP Event Management helps you to solve these various challenges; it is a tool box which enables:

Responsiveness and proactivity

Use to react to unforeseen events and be proactive if delays occur

Lower your TCO

Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) by avoiding redundant, heterogeneous and expensive monitoring tools coming from different systems

Real-time collaboration

Establishing true real-time collaboration with all partners, customers, suppliers, transporters, etc.

Supply Chain performance analysis

Measuring and analyzing actual supply chain performance

Understanding how SAP Event Management works

Expected event

Each stage of your logistics processes becomes an expected event within a predefined tolerance setting.


Non-delayed or delayed events outside of the tolerance setting are signaled through notifications.


Events and monitoring alerts are available and can be managed using various formats and worklists, such as traditional SAP screens, but also on a web page or a mobile application.


Alerts trigger corrective actions or they send manual or automated information to various stakeholders in the chain.


Integrating data from SAP Event Management into the decision tools lets you effectively compare what was planned with what was achieved.

Set of Processes

SAP EM provides a set of processes with established parameters, which can be used to monitor the performance of logistics, supply, production, transportation, customer shipments, RFID packaging, and more!

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Intelligent deployment

Thanks to technical and logistical expertise, as well as unique expertise in SAP solutions, Beelogix consultants will know how to take care your supply chain monitoring problems. In addition, they will support you in deploying SAP Event Management so that you will have a quick return on investment.

Understanding the processes

Over the years, the Beelogix team has gained an excellent understanding of the business process and will point you in the right direction for implementing the industry’s best business practices.

Advanced track and trace (T&T)

Track products throughout the supply chain.

About SAP Adv. T&T

The SAP Adv. T&T suite is used to track products throughout the supply chain.

Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, this software solution enables the native integration of packaging lines, ERP, WMS and EPCIS events from partners (CMO, 3PL, etc.), thus allowing reports to be produced for regulators.

The benefits of using the Adv. T&T suite are

Brand protection

This optimized solution is used to protect the customer and the branding from counterfeiting;

This solution lets you respond quickly to problems in order to minimize recall costs.

Regulatory compliance

Marketable units are serialized in accordance with legislation

Reports are produced for regulators within regulatory deadlines and in all types of formats

To be fully prepared for future changes in legislation.

Beyond compliance

This is a specific solution, built on a simplified data model; it therefore leaves a minimal footprint and TCO;

This solution is designed for optimal performance and in order to process a large volume of data.

Quality Management (QM)

Comprehensive set of software solutions to better manage quality control

Complete set of software solutions

The SAP QM suite provides a comprehensive set of software solutions to better manage quality control.

In particular, its functions cover:

• Planning and implementing inspections
• Quality control
• Recording and monitoring quality issues
• Issuing quality and compliance certificates
• Managing audits
• Calibrating equipment
• Stability studies

The SAP QM suite is a key component of the Enterprise Core Component. This solution is natively integrated in the ERP suite, which has many benefits:

Resource management

More accurate forecasting of workload and a better deployment of resources

Logistics components

Optimization of the supply chain through its integration with the logistics and manufacturing components

Overview of problems

Clearer overview of problems, providing immediate visibility

Cost control related to problem resolution

Optimization tools

The SAP QM suite is based on the industry’s best business practices. With this solution, there are a great number of adjustments that can be made in order to meet customers’ specific needs. There are various mobility options available within the Quality Inspection Engine and SAP Fiori.

Industry Standards

The SAP QM Suite is designed so that you can comply with international regulatory standards for various industries, including aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, etc.

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Customized Approach

Thanks to technical and logistical expertise, as well as unique expertise in SAP solutions, Beelogix consultants will know how to take care your supply chain monitoring problems. In addition, they will support you in deploying SAP Event Management so that you will have a quick return on investment.

IT and professional competence

Moreover, at Beelogix, we completely understand the constraints of the pharmaceutical world and regulations related to managing serialized items. You can count on us to help you implement industry best practices.

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