About TM (Transportation Management)

SAP TM addresses transportation challenges of manufacturers and retailers, but also logistics service providers and transportation companies.

Using advanced features dedicated to all aspects of transportation, SAP TM can be used for managing transports by road, sea, air and rail.

SAP TM: A best-of-breed solution resulting from years of R&D.

powerful optimizer

A powerful and proven optimizer for scheduling that allows transport plans to be created with consideration of the various constraints (e.g. cost, service agreements, resource availability, opening hours)

Execution monitoring

The transport plan’s execution can be monitored from when loading commences up to proof of delivery, with integrated location-based features, supported by SAP Event Management

Flexible cost management

Flexible management of transportation costs enabling billing and pre-billing as well as the easy integration with ERP billing

Native integration with SAP ERP

Native integration with SAP ERP for managing transport requests and SAP EWM for managing yard activities, whether it be the loading or unloading of goods

The value-added of SAP TM

Cost management

Decreased transportation costs


Planning as soon as orders are taken


Transport at the heart of the distribution process


Optimization of available resources


Improving transport execution monitoring

SAP environment

A solution that natively integrates into your SAP environment

The value-added of logo-small-beelogix

Best practices

Regulatory constraints and the value and volume of goods determines the challenges that are specific to each company. Beelogix can help you adopt best practices in your field and meet your business needs.

Optimizing investment

Beelogix consultants closely monitor developments in SAP’s transport solutions. They are therefore able to support you, from the moment you define your needs right up to the implementation of your solution while providing you with application assistance. This includes choosing the best solution and a deployment that is best tailored to your needs, which allows you to optimize return on investment.

Transportation (LE-TRA)

Covers main transportation requirements

for manufacturers and distributor.

About LE-TRA (Transportation)

Integral part of the SAP ERP suite and an essential element of logistics execution, SAP LE TRA covers the essential needs of manufacturers or distributors for transportation.

The LE-TRA transportation management module has:

• Basic scheduling functions that allow incoming or outgoing deliveries to be sorted and grouped into a transport document

• Basic automatic routing selection functions and automatic submission are also available

• Execution monitoring allowing statuses to be managed and integration with the yard management and warehouse management modules for monitoring loading

• Flexible management of transport costs enabling billing and pre-billing as well as the easy integration of transport costs into ERP

The value-added of SAP LE-TRA

Cost management

Decreased transportation costs

Delivery-based planning

Planning of inbound and outbound deliveries

Cost calculation

Calculation of transport costs and self-billing


Improved monitoring during transport execution


Native integration into your SAP environment


Extremely rapid deployment and low maintenance cost

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